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Customs Clearance

Custom Clearance is often seen to be one of the major headaches in the distribution process; stories of endless delays and added cost abound throughout the industry. However, Ocean Golden Line offers a specialized Custom Clearance Service  designed to minimize the problems, costs and hold-ups and ensure consignments are delivered on time and hassle free. We can provide these services for imported and exported goods, both in Iran and across the globe, at highly affordable rates.

We understand that each consignment is unique and that different customs rules apply to different products – food regulations will differ from electronic goods which will differ from furniture, and so on – and so we have made it our business to be aware of every customs directive that exists. Our professional export agents throughout the world are fully conversant with local and international laws and each one has developed close connections with their local custom authorities, to ensure ease of passage. We recognize that every consignment has special and unique features, and we ensure that our Custom Clearance solutions are tailored to the specific needs of that consignment.

False, or incorrect, documentation, even as a result of a genuine mistake, is taken very seriously by the authorities and can lead to confiscation of the consignment and/or heavy fines. We, though, pride ourselves on complete attention to detail throughout our operation and will always ensure that all required paperwork is correctly completed and made readily available.

We can offer our custom clearance facility on its own or as part of a complete logistics solution, as Ocean Golden Line has a comprehensive range of services including; freight forwarding by sea, air or a combination of the two; express delivery; door to door delivery; a safe and secure packaging service.