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Road freight is one the oldest modes of transport that is very suitable for many type of shipments in terms of cost & transit time. Now a days, lots of shipments are being transported by road.

Ocean Golden Line Co. with offices and representatives, provides its road services as Full service and Groupage service from all over Europe and Turkey with fully competitive prices to Iran and vice versa. Our services are established weekly from head offices (Germany, France and Italy) to Iran and other countries.

By collecting and delivering directly with one vehicle, we can provide more security and extremely attractive lead times due to less handling. Our team of experienced logistics specialists is fully focused on delivering the highest performance standards – ensuring that your shipments reach their destination safely, on time and in perfect condition.

The majority of our Trucks are equipped with GPS. Owing to increasing number of crimes we are setting up a unique division to monitor the vehicles containing valuable cargo on a round a clock basis therefore in case of any accidents the authorities will be informed instantaneously to accelerate recovery of the cargo rather than the common practice with delayed connection between the vehicle and them which typically fails to take immediate action up on such incidents which may reflect the exposure for rescuing the cargo.

Through our agents, present in all borders of Iran, plus our agents in main hubs of Europe and Turkey, we are the best to deliver your goods with fast and reliable service.